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Coconut Dreams Honey Sugar Scrub Cubes

Coconut Dreams Honey Sugar Scrub Cubes

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Coconut Dreams is one of our most popular scents! These scrubs are unique in that they are made using crystalized honey in addition to the sugar. 

Solid sugar scrubs have all the same exfoliating benefits, but they’re a lot less messy than scrubs in a jar. If you have longer fingernails then you will love these! No more sticking your fingers in a messy jar.

Scent Profile : notes of Pear blossom, fresh strawberry, kiwi, and lemon are at the top, Lily of the valley and honeysuckle are at the middle, and golden amber and warm musk are at the bottom.

To use,: warm the cube in water and then break it apart in your hands. Apply to damp skin. The cube will lather, scrub, and moisturize leaving your skin feeling smooth and silky.

Each package contains 6 cubes. Use once or twice a week to polish your skin.

If you keep your cubes in the shower or bath, be sure they are in a safe place away from water so they don't melt.  Break the cubes into smaller pieces if you want to make them last a bit longer. 

Do not eat! They are made using glycerin soap to hold it all together so it will not taste good =)

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